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Bridal henna Available

We cater different occasions. Price can increase depending on the design. 

Standard Henna (Both hands): £15



By the end of the year, SEO specialists were pleasantly surprised: the search engine decided to expand the snippet, which influenced the meta description length. It was increased to 320 symbols with spaces. However, a lot of SEOists didn’t want to take the risk. That is why the Google meta description length 2018 was not more than 300 symbols at the beginning of the next year. The main rules of the meta tag creation remained the same.


2018. In May, a Google representative confirmed that snippets had become shorter again. Danny Sullivan told that the visible part of the text became a bit longer than previously. However, webmasters have noticed that the visual part of the new meta description length does not exceed 160 symbols. In fact, the search engine returned to the length it was during 2016.